Vibrant, peaceful, diverse Asian rural communities, living in harmony with nature as stewards of the earth, whose members are able to realize their full human potentials, collectively chart their path to development, provide for their present and future needs, and share equitably the fruits of their labors in community celebrations of Life

ANGOC network will serve as a platform for and enhance capacities of Asian NGOs working on food security and sustainable livelihoods through the promotion of land and resource rights and smallholder agriculture.

In carrying out this mission, ANGOC is guided and transformed by the following core values:

Builds upon the diversity of our cultures and spirituality whose roots lie at the core of our Asian identity and values
Restores the rights and sustainable management of communities over their resources and livelihood
Recognizes the autonomy of communities to design and realize their own development with gender equity and human development
Restores and enhances the freedom and self-governance of grassroots communities and places them at the center of development.
Enable people to achieve self-reliance and self-sufficiency in their basic needs, live in a culture of peace and harmony and organize themselves to deal with all forces that impede their empowerment.

GOALS (until 2015)
The ANGOC network shall:
advocate on land and resource rights of the rural poor; and
promote smallholder agriculture towards sustainable food systems and livelihoods
through a broad platform of Asian NGOs that challenges the development agenda, reforms institutions, and fosters the exchange of critical lessons, tools and approaches towards ensuring food security and promoting sustainable livelihoods.